How to Remove Autorun.inf Virus?

Autorun.inf Virus Removal

What is autorun.inf?

Autorun.inf is a setup information file or INF used to install or setup softwares and drivers. This is usually used and seen on the CD ROM with the Autoplay. The autorun.inf makes the CD ROM will autoplay, it means this will automatically play or setup upon clicking or play itself or what we called auto installation. If you can see an autorun.inf in your CD ROM drive, this is normal.

When do we say that Autorun.inf is a Virus?

Some people says autorun.inf is a virus but the reality is not. Autorun.inf was only used by the virus to execute or install themself by clicking. On the autorun.inf it contains a setup information or a program setup that will trigger the virus to execute when they are being clicked by the user. This autorun.inf was usually found in the windows C: or in the removable disk. And it is mostly set to invisible or hidden in the windows drive or removable drive.

Ok here we go, let start removing the autorun.inf in your system drive.

First you must enable your Folder Options, make your hidden files be visible to your eyes. You can enable by clicking-left to your My Computer > Tools > Folder Options.

You can follow this configuration when you enable the Folder Option to visible all the hidden files in to your system drive.

After this, you can now start deleting the autorun.inf into your drive C: or removable drive. And you can also remove the unknown files like Braviax.exe, Ravmon.exe, Kxvo.exe, Amvo.exe, Bar311.exe, Svchost.exe or any unknown files that are exist in to the system drive.