How to change the Windows XP Product Activation Key Code

As I repairing this laptop while ago, I've noticed that to many viruses have been detected on the system files I have try the manual virus removal to remove the viruses. Some viruses doesn't detect in antivirus even though they updated their signatures. Many errors has found on the system files so I tried to used the system file checker or the command sfc /scannow to scan and retain all system files to its original settings. After doing this process I encountered a Windows XP Activation box. The windows xp doesn't logon anymore because it needs to activate the windows first. Once a year for you can activate the your windows xp using the product keys right. I've tried activating three times but doesn't working.

Anyway I would like to share to you what I've been experience today on how to change the windows xp product activation key code. You can do this manually without any software or tools using it.

1. Firstly, get a windows xp product key that doesn't activated for a year. You must change the product key of your windows by choosing the Activate by telephone and click the Change Product Key, Put the new product key and click Update.

2. Restart you PC, after the winlogon activation appear, try to activate it again online. OK! Windows XP has been successfully activated. That's it, if this not working try and find another windows xp product and follow the step 1, until it works.

Hope this tips would might help you guys.