How to Remove Virus from USB Drive?

For the most encountered problem in a computer was a virus. A virus can harm your file, steal your passwords and accounts, and it maybe destroy your computer. Sometimes it is annoying for the liability and performance of your computer because of this sucking viruses and spywares. They tweak your system files to become a slow processing and make your PC dead, virus is a killer parasites.

Firstly, in removing a virus from your USB drive in a manual method rather than using any antivirus unto your computer. But we are recommended you to use any updated Antivirus to be make sure that your USB drive will be totally cleaned. This is only a tips for a manually method. OK.

  1. Before inserting the USB drive into your computer, you must enable first the Show Hidden Files Option. How can you do this:

    Go to My Computer and select the Tools tab, then Folder Options. After the Folder Option box appeared, click the View tab. As you have see the Files and Folders groups, under your Hidden Files and Folders please enable now the “Show Hidden Files and Folders” option and also uncheck the “Hidden protected operating system files (Recommended)” option. And click Apply then OK button to apply the setting you changed.

  2. Disable your Autoplay drive setting

    Go to Start Menu then Run and type gpedit.msc, when the Group Policy appear go to Administrative Templates, then System, double click the Turn Off Autoplay and select the Enabled option and select All drives and click OK button to apply the setting you changed.

    (Note: Either you can not do this step and you can move to step #3, but sometimes some viruses once you inserted your USB drive, the virus will executed in process of drives autoplay setting.)

  3. Insert now your USB drive, press Ctrl + R to open the Run, then type where your USB drive is, it maybe like this drive D:, E:, F:, or G: after you USB is open, delete the all unknown hidden files in your USB drives if they exist. Like example: copy.exe, svchost.exe, scvhosts.exe, New Folder.exe, Data Administrator.exe, smss.exe, FunnyUST Scandal.avi.exe, Autorun.inf, amvo.exe, kavo1.exe, kavo.exe, Temp1.exe, FS19831.vbs, Azkaban.vbs, Azkaban.bat and many more......

  4. Unplug your USB drive in Safety Removable method. And insert again to check if the virus was remove by using this steps.

    OK you are done! Have a nice day! Hope this tips will help for everyone.